The Catch 22 Challenge w/ Kendra

*Offer ends Monday at midnight PST!*

Can you complete 22 workouts in the 31 days of December?

We are moving our bodies at least 22 days into 2022!

The Catch 22 Challenge

What is it? The Catch 22 Challenge is a workout accountability and consistency challenge. The goal is to complete 22, 20 minute workouts in 31 days. This is an average of 5 per week. I created this challenge because oftentimes fitness falls on the back burner during December with the plan to resume in January. This challenge will hold everyone accountable to a manageable amount of weekly movement throughout the busy holiday season. We will be rolling into 2022 with 20 days or 4 weeks of workout consistency completed and ready to continue into the New Year.

The Details:

  • December 1st-December 31st
  • $31 to enter the Challenge (ie: $1/day)
  • Goal: complete 22, 20 minute (minimum) workouts
  • Tracking calendars and workout ideas provided
  • Chance for prizes for those who complete the challenge
  • FB Accountability Group (not required)
  • EARLY ACTION BONUS: Those who enroll in the first 24 hours only will receive 10 complimentary, 20 minute workouts to utilize


  • Are the workouts included? No, workouts are not included. However, if you sign up in the first 24 hours, I will provide you with 10 workouts to use!
  • What type of workouts count? Any type of movement. Ideas: walking, jogging, dancing, strength training, interval training, biking, etc.
  • When do I have to complete the workouts? You can complete them at anytime. I recommend aiming for 5 per week.
  • How is my completion verified? Overall, it is based on an honor system. You will turn in a completed calendar at the end of the challenge. I will also be watching social media engagement.
  • Is Facebook required? Nope, just an added bonus for accountability, community and tips/tricks.

Why Now? Fitness and nutrition are lifelong habits that must be implemented and maintained. We need to break the “all-or-nothing” mentality of going hard and all in January 1st. How great would it feel to have 1 month of consistency down before 2022? Think of the progress you can make in 4 weeks. This challenge is not extreme. It is 100% manageable. 20 minute workouts, 5 days per week, for 4 weeks. Don’t wait till January 1st. We’ve tried that before… You in?

“When I started training with Kendra just a few months ago, she saw my potential, heard my goals, and made a plan to help me get there. That first day I showed up nervous, unsure, and mentally and emotionally defeated. Since then, she has pushed, guided, motivated, and encouraged me to be great inside and outside the gym. Her positivity and kindness make her a JOY to work with and her drive and tenacity are contagious. I’ve seen the physical changes happening in my body over the last couple months, but the mental changes were immediate. Motivated by her persistence and dedication, I’ve found more fight and ambition in myself than I knew had. 10/10”

-Emma B

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