FREE Consistency Challenge with Kendra! It’s a 7-day workout consistency challenge starting August 15th! Join the #consistencychallengecrew now!

How the Consistency Challenge Works: August 15th-August 21st

  • Who is this challenge for? (*you don’t have to meet any or all requirements to join – everyone is welcome!*)
    • People who need to lose 30-150+lbs
    • People who struggle to be consistent with fitness AND/OR nutrition
    • People who struggle with emotional or stress eating (often or sometimes)
    • Sick & tired of yo-yo dieting, losing weight and gaining it back
    • Tried 3-5+ FAD diets (keto, atkins, paleo, etc) or restrictive measures (cutting out sugar, cutting carbs, etc). Struggling to find the right program for you
  • The name of the game is CONSISTENCY! Fall & holiday season is coming soon and the goal is for us to jumpstart our fitness routines, build up our healthy habits by simply getting started with quick 10 minute workouts per day. This will get the habit started and start rolling the consistency ball. From there, we will continue to build upon our habits and chase down those weight loss and nutrition goals. These workouts are designed for beginners but can be made more challenging for those who are more advanced.
  • This is a FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM Challenge! You will need to sign up for a FREE facebook account; Instagram is optional. You will need to “check in” every day via our private Facebook group using a photo (can be a sweaty selfie, a quote, shot of the gym, you and a partner, equipment, whatever!). YOU WILL NEED TO TAG ME IN ALL EXTRA POSTS VIA INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK SO I SEE THEM AND CAN GIVE YOU BONUS RAFFLES.
  • In order to complete the challenge, you must complete 7 workouts over the 7 days. Yes, this is tough! That is why it’s a “challenge”! All workouts are 10 minutes or less and the goal is consistency. You can totally do this!
  • I’ll provide the exact workouts via email. On Sunday, August 14th you’ll receive your first workout to start on Monday. All workouts can be completed at home without equipment. There are modifications for each workout as needed.
  • How to win: Everyone who completes the 7 workouts (as verified by Facebook private group post) will be entered to win prizes, including giftcards, coaching with me and a spot in my group coaching program and transformation challenge, “Kickstart with Kendra” starting in September!
  • More to come once you register (click the button to join now) and as always, if you have any questions, you can always email me:

Challenge starts Monday, August 15th, are you in?

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