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“Fall in love with becoming the very best version of yourself.”


  • Bachelors of Science in Health Science (Whitworth University)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1, Precision Nutrition)
  • DotFIT Certified Practitioner
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Licensed and Insured

Hi there! I am Kendra!

I’m a 28 year old Health and Fitness coach residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Health Science from Whitworth University and was also a 4 year college basketball player. Initially, I planned to go to medical school to become a physician. However, throughout my education, I always had this pull back to nutrition, exercise, health, and preventative medicine. After spending 4 years in the medical field, post-college, and my own personal body transformation, I decided to make a change and go back to my health, exercise, and nutrition roots. For the past 2 years, I have been training clients through one-on-one sessions, semi-private sessions, and bootcamps!

I believe in helping my clients achieve their fitness goals while also finding their own personal balance with nutrition and exercise. My favorite part of being a health coach is seeing my clients lives change whether that is a complete physical transformation or a new love for fitness and the gym, but most importantly walking with a new confidence.

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I’ve been there… 2016 —> 2019 ✨ . I was an athlete my entire life but after college I gained weight. I was embarrassed. Here I am a former college athlete with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science not doing what I’m supposed to do to take care of my health. I knew what I should be doing and eating, but I just wasn’t doing it. I was working in a corporate desk job where I was stressed, anxious, exhausted and sitting all day. Everyday I said, I’ll go to the gym after work. After work, I was exhausted and said, “I’ll go to the gym in the morning before work”. 5am alarm goes off… Snooze… “I’ll just go after work today…” And the cycle continues. Sound familiar? Finally, I hit a point where I was tired of feeling uncomfortable and unhappy. I was tired of not feeling good in any of my clothes. I was tired of feeling tired. I hired a personal trainer, and never looked back. I bought into the process 100%. I consistently followed my meal plan and workout program, and changed my life. I am so thankful I took that leap 3 years ago. This experience also redirected and clarified my calling in life. . I specialize in helping people make a realistic lifestyle change to achieve weight loss goals without feeling miserable in the process. My clients lose weight while still enjoying the foods they love and without spending hours upon hours on the cardio equipment in the gym. Oh, and they get really, really, STRONG & CONFIDENT! If you are ready to make a change and get your HAPPY back, please message me. . And, just so you know, I’m putting together a brand new program starting March 1st. This is specifically for committed women who are ready to stop yo-yo dieting and sustainably lose 10 lbs over the next 60 days! It’s a remote program, so you can join from anywhere. . I’m looking for 5 women to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks, and get amazing results that I can use as a case study. If that’s you, please message me for more info! . #youvsyou #bettereveryday #transformation #fitnessmotivation #trainwithkendra #flexibledieting #strongwomen #findyourbalance #lifestylechange

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